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20 March 2011 @ 04:18 pm
Future for lgbtfest  
In the previous modly post, knittinggoddess left the following comment:
I understand!
In that case, if anyone has interest in co-moderating a new comm, leave a comment to this one.
In the interest of having a "clean" entry with comments only about this subject, I thought I'd made a separate post for it.

I'm definitely interested and even thought of a new name. What about "lgbtfestforward"?

So ... who would like to get together to talk about how a new community could operate without putting a huge burden on its mods.

I'm definitely in.
Let's talk about it.
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Helenka: SGA-Rodney genius back on Earthhelenkacan on March 21st, 2011 01:54 am (UTC)
::scratches non-genius head::

Uh ... neither. No, my thinking was that it would be fascinating to highlight the shows from any particular decade, no matter what the theme or era, to see how the values of the time were superimposed over the basic premise. And this isn't meant to be for scholarly analysis, merely recreational.

For example, I like to talk about TOS. The show aired during the cold war era, yet there was a Russian man on the bridge. And (only a little over two decades after the interment camps) a Japanese man. And (during a time of domestic racial strife) a black woman. All of them in positions of leadership.

Mind you, I found that a lot of the prejudices usually aimed at the "other" were redirected at Spock, 'cuz it wasn't racist or sexist to put down the alien. But, OMG, I don't even want to bring up the sexism (unless I really do throw up).

I think what I would find most fascinating is to see how the authors are reacting to the prompts, while keeping their characters from straying OOC. And a lot of that will be informed by the biases of the era. And that's why I liked the idea of highlighting each decade separately.
a DJ who lived in seclusionknittinggoddess on March 21st, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)
Oh, I see! That could definitely be worked into the prompts without losing other viewers, I just don't know how yet.