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26 March 2010 @ 06:17 am
Prompts: Marvel (includes X-Men) through Noir  
These prompts are available for claiming for lgbtfest. You can claim a prompt at the prompt claiming post.

Prompts can be claimed twice, although we strongly encourage you to choose a prompt that hasn't already been claimed. Please don't request a prompt that has already been claimed twice.

Fandoms are listed in alphabetical order. Books are listed by title or series name. RPF fandom prompts are listed under RPF (specific RPF fandom). Crossovers are listed under "C."

Marvel (includes X-Men) through Noir

1932. Marvel, Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, Carol's not in the military anymore, DADT doesn't apply, so why does she feel so reluctant to tell Wanda how she feels? claimed by garrideb
1933. Marvel, Danny Rand, Danny grew up in a society where women were slaves and had to live with her male birth gender to survive, now that she is living in New York City, how does she adjust to the idea that she can be her true female self?
1934. Marvel, Foggy Nelson/Matt Murdock, Foggy realised a long time ago that Matt loved him, but he's not sure he wants to tie any more of himself to a man who is so messed up, no matter how much he cares about him.
1935. Marvel, James Rhodes, being gay in South Philly
1936. Marvel, Mayday Parker/Shannon Carter, May's not sure what her folks will think, Shannon's not sure what coming out will do her her reputation
1937. Marvel, Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, Misty has a string of exes, Colleen's not sure she wants to be just another notch on Misty's bed post.
1938. Marvel, Sam Wilson, Sam's enough Special Teaching Moments with Steve about race, and he's not really sure he wants to start in on what it's like to be black and gay.
1939. Marvel, Steve Rogers, 1940s drag balls, before and after Project: Rebirth.
1940. Marvel (Daredevil), Foggy Nelson/Matt Murdock (or Foggy & Matt gen), Foggy is FTM and thinks having a blind college roommate will make passing easy, but Matt's super senses complicate things. Meanwhile, Matt's having a difficult time reconciling his own bisexuality and Catholicism, and being attracted to his male roommate and best friend (who his senses read as female!) makes things that much more confusing.
1941. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Jarvis, It's no surprise that Tony Stark's AI/virtual butler would develop some opinions on gender and sexuality over time. But perhaps it is a surprise that apparently, some of these opinions apply to Jarvis.
1942. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Jarvis(/Tony Stark?), Tony tinkers with Jarvis to give him a female voice--flirting with a computer will be less awkward that way, right?--but Jarvis objects. What does it mean for an AI without a body to have a gender identity? claimed by okami_oujou
1943. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Pepper Potts, Pepper tries to keep it secret when she starts dating a woman, because she's sure that Tony's reaction will be crude and offensive.
1944. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Pepper Potts, Pepper was born intersex. And now that Christine Everhart has been denied her Iron Man scoop, she's dug up those old medical records. Pepper doesn't know if she can handle with the media without Tony's support, but she's also afraid that Tony will call off their burgeoning relationship once he sees what's in her panties
1945. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Pepper Potts, Pepper's ex-girlfriend is Tony's date to the Tonys (or other event). Jealousy sparks off revelations and discussions ('Why didn't you tell me?' 'I'm too busy cleaning up your messes to want to let you know about mine.')
1946. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Rhodey/Tony, It's looking like DADT will be repealed any day and Rhodey knows he should be thrilled. Instead, he's scared to death; this whatever it is he has with Tony was a lot easier when there was no future and they were the only ones who knew.
1947. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Tony Stark, 'What do you mean Proposition 8 passed?!'
1948. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Tony Stark, 'What do you mean Proposition 8 passed?!'
1949. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Tony/Rhodey, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell isn't a *suggestion*, Tony.',
1950. Marvel (Iron Man movieverse), Tony/Rhodey, the reason behind Tony calling Rhodey 'Platypus' has to do with late night drunken discussions about what third gender options in online forums should be called (Kraken, Platypus, Alien, etc.) and why Rhodey feels the need to use them on certain websites.
1951. Marvel (Iron Man), Christine Everheart, It's hard enough trying to be a serious female journalist when Vanity Fair only ever wants to give her the celebrity-gossip stories. If they knew she was lesbian/bi/trans, she'd never get a quasi-serious scoop again.
1952. Marvel (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, She's gotten used to herding girls out the door in the morning. It's mostly not a problem, but sometimes, she finds herself agreeing with Tony's taste - and maybe being a little jealous he got to them first claimed by st_aurafina
1953. Marvel (Iron Man), Tony Stark, The paparazzi follow him everywhere and he has an image to keep up, even if Pepper promises no one will find out that he didn't bring home a woman this time.
1954. Marvel (Iron Man), Tony Stark, plenty of transwomen act ultra-macho before they come out to themselves...
1955. Marvel (Spider-Man), Peter Parker/Johnny Storm or Peter Parker/Your Choice, 'Oh, the press is just gonna have a field day with this.' The perils of being outed while very much in the public eye, particularly when the media doesn't have a good relationship with you to begin with. (I think Johnny would be particularly good for this because of his rather different relationship with the press.) claimed by nahco3
1956. Marvel (X-Men - any version), any mutant character, how does a LGBT mutant character feel about attempts to explain the reason for people being LGBT as being totally down to genetics as their mutation is.
1957. Marvel (X-Men - any version), Emma Frost, People seem to accept that she's overly sexual and wears skintight leather and corsets everyday, but the idea she finds other women arousing is too much to take? Please.
1958. Marvel (X-Men - any version), Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake, It seems easy for Hank to come out of the closet. Being different's no big deal if you actually are blue, right? But what if you're eighteen and questioning and your best friend doesn't understand why on earth you wouldn't want to be gay?
1959. Marvel (X-Men - any version), Jean-Paul Beaubier, He wasn't always an out and proud gay mutant superhero. At first he tried to stay inside his closet. But trying to remember who he could be gay in front of, but not a mutant, or vice versa, or neither, soon caused him to crash and burn in spectacular fashion.
1960. Marvel (X-Men - any version) any mutant character, An LGBT mutant working for mutant rights stays in the closet; their close friends know s/he does not want to springboard gay rights off mutant rights or vice versa, no matter how much one affects the other in their politics.
1961. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), any character, a transgendered mutant comes out to the professor.
1962. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Bobby Drake, He's already been rejected by his family when they found out he was a mutant. Now, he's reestablished a relationship with them - and coming out might break it. His thoughts on coming out. (author's choice if he does or doesn't - I'd love to see him focus on the choice to admit/deny it.)
1963. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, The parents of one or more of their early students discovers their relationship and disapproves - it's a school after all! How do Charles and Erik resolve the situation? (preferably without wind wipes and/or a body count)
1964. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Will being open about their sexualities/relationship cloud the issue of mutant rights?
1965. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Erik Lehnsherr, What are Erik's reactions to finally seeing gay marriage and civil unions becoming established in the USA? claimed by smirnoffmule
1966. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Marie (Rogue), taught that homosexuality was wrong, Marie struggled to finally admit to herself that she liked girls and that's OK. But when kissing her first girlfriend goes horribly wrong, how does that effect her confidence, especially now that she can no longer physically express her sexuality
1967. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Northstar paired with any male character, or no pairing. How does this openly gay, openly mutant character fit in the movieverse?
1968. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Rogue, Rogue is having feelings for female students and struggles to find ways to explore and come to terms with her sexuality, given that she is unable to physically express it.
1969. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Rogue, Rogue is having feelings for female students and struggles to find ways to explore and come to terms with her sexuality, given that she is unable to (easily) physically express it.
1970. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Senator Robert Kelly, Kelly's bi or gay, and attempting to reconcile his views on mutants with his views on gay rights. Bonus points if he's a closeted mutant (post-X1) as well as closeted about his sexuality.
1971. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Wolverine, Logan has always accepted his bisexualiy as just another way in which he's different - he's neither in nor out, he just is. He's never quite sure why it comes as such a surprise to people.
1972. Marvel (X-Men Movieverse), Wolverine, Logan has always accepted the ways in which he is different as just another part of himself, but something happens to make him address his bisexuality with the rest of the team.
1973. Marvel Comics, any character, A superhero comes out as gay.
1974. Marvel Comics, any character, There's an LGBT group for teen superheroes -- how does it work, who comes to meeting, who is the mentor?
1975. Marvel Comics, any depowered mutant character, They never were really concerned with being out about their sexual/gender identity before, but they're not really part of the mutant community anymore, and having a cause is looking really good right now.
1976. Marvel Comics, any male/male couple, An open, honest discussion at the beginning of a relationship concerning monogamy, open relationships, safer sex, getting tested for STIs, and the decision on whether or not to use condoms.
1977. Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan, Like many other trans kids before him, Billy used to lie awake at night wishing he were physically a boy. Then his mutant power manifested.
1978. Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan & Teddy Altman, When Teddy comes out as bisexual it causes friction between Billy and Teddy. But ultimately Teddy's newfound sexuality is more important than making his boyfriend happy.
1979. Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Billy's been out and harassed about it forever, and Teddy never even knew before he met Billy. They haven't even kissed, but he's getting all the flack in newspapers Billy is, and on top of being a recently orphaned alien, that just might be too much to deal with
1980. Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Teddy's known for years that being able to shift into female form gives him a fullfillment that he doesn't get in his male form. Greg took a lot of advantage of that. But the first boyfriend who actually loved Teddy back is gay and fell for the male form. As their relationship grows more serious Teddy is less able to deal with keeping the truth from Billy.
1981. Marvel Comics, Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanoff, It isn't a surprise to Bobbi that her happy ending didn't come with Clint Barton. It is a surprise that it ends up being with a woman.
1982. Marvel Comics, Bobby Drake, coming to terms with his gay identity in San Francisco. Mentions of the fact that he's dated two different women who can shapeshift into men would be awesome.
1983. Marvel Comics, Bobby Drake/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Jean-Paul had a huge crush on Bobby, but assumed Bobby was straight. The only thing is, Bobby isn't straight -- he's just closeted. How did he feel about JP's flirtation? claimed by rivulet027
1984. Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, Bucky knew he liked guys since before he joined the Army; to create the Winter Soldier, Vasily Karpov brainwashed away Bucky's own sexuality; now that he's himself again, how does he rediscover it? claimed by ani_bester
1985. Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, being sixteen, in the Army, and realising he's gay. (Oh, and there's a war on.),
1986. Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, having missed the gay rights movement altogether, Bucky adjusts to being LGBT in a post-Stonewall America.
1987. Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes/Eli Bradley, When an attempt to get Iron Lad back goes wrong, Patriot finds himself trapped in World War II Europe.
1988. Marvel Comics, Cable/Deadpool, Deadpool's always been good at talking, so why can't he put the words on what he wants from Cable, not even to himself?
1989. Marvel Comics, Cable/Deadpool and Hope, It's not easy being a mutant gay couple raising a teenage girl. It's even less easy when your husband's usual response to people making bigoted comments is to try to decapitate them.
1990. Marvel Comics, Captain America, During World War II, Steve Rogers knew his duty to his country was more important than being honest about his homosexuality, which he knew would never be accepted. But once he's unfrozen in the late 1990s, he finds himself in a different world -- with different priorities
1991. Marvel Comics, Clint Barton, Clint is tired of people assuming he's straight just because he's married to a woman.
1992. Marvel Comics, Jessica Jones & Danielle Cage, Jessica wanted that happy ending with Luke. It didn't work out and it isn't until Danielle comes to Jessica to discuss her own sexuality that Jessica starts to really question why.
1993. Marvel Comics, Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Scott Lang, Luke is supposed to be unhappy about Jessica not wanting to pick between them. He's supposed to be resentful and jealous of Scott Lang in their bed. To his own surprise and increasing confusion/pleasure Luke finds himself not experiencing any of those things.
1994. Marvel Comics, Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, Johnny thought it would be okay if he didn't make his liaisons with men as public as he did his girlfriends, and Peter Parker may be a reporter, but he's meek enough and more than private enough to make it work... or so Johnny thought, until he realized his boyfriend wasn't just a New York nobody
1995. Marvel Comics, Jubilee, Jubilee doesn't really like the labels other people assign to her. she's always chosen her own labels, but her girlfriend feels differently.
1996. Marvel Comics, Laura Kinney/Kiden Nixon, Laura comes out to Logan
1997. Marvel Comics, Living Lightning, Miguel contemplates going back into the closet at the beginning of his political career.
1998. Marvel Comics, Luke Cage, balancing a new and pregnant girlfriend and an on again off again boyfriend of ten years has gotten way more complicated way more quickly than he thought it would.
1999. Marvel Comics, Luke Cage, the reason that his father hasn't talked to him in fifteen years is not because he thinks Luke is a criminal. It's because he knows that Luke loves men as well as women. When Luke figures this out, how does he respond? Does he keep trying to reconnect, or decide that it's not worth the pain. Now that he's married to Jessica, should he pass as straight
2000. Marvel Comics, Mayday Parker, After the quitting basketball and dropping out of the student council race, Mayday thought she was done with over-committing to school stuff. However, now that she's out, she wants to join/help found a GSA club, if only she can find the time.
2001. Marvel Comics, Nick Fury, Nick's butch enough, no one can tell he was born female
2002. Marvel Comics, Ororo Munroe, A political marriage to the Black Panther leaves Ororo free to explore herself with the aid of the Dora Milaje
2003. Marvel Comics, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde, Part of what made their relationship work was their shared bisexuality.
2004. Marvel Comics, Rictor/Shatterstar, When footage of Ric kissing 'Star after a close call lands on YouTube Northstar phones him to say, 'Welcome to the circus.' The next morning there are three different news vans parked outside the office. Ric never signed up to the official Gay Mutant Spokesman --- especially since he doesn't even have powers anymore! --- and doesn't intend to say anything to anyone. Unfortunately, Shatterstar begins to interpret Ric's silence as shame.
2005. Marvel Comics, Rictor/Shatterstar, Ric never made a big deal out of being bi, but he never denied it either; he'd always seen relationships as a private thing and besides, after a while he'd just assumed everyone kind of...knew. He learns his mistake when an old friend (or ex or teammate) shows up and confronts him over having to find out about his relationship with Shatterstar through the mutant rumor mill. Does he really have to come out personally to everyone he's ever met?
2006. Marvel Comics, Rikki Barnes, like her 616 counterpart, Rikki was born James Buchanan Barnes. Now that she's Rikki, how does it feel to met her alternate self as an adult man.
2007. Marvel comics, Rikki Barnes (Nomad)/Anya Sofia Corazon (Araña), Holding hands, fighting crime, facing the world: teen girl superheroes have each other's back.
2008. Marvel Comics, Rikki Barnes and James Barnes, Rikki and James aren't surprised that they bond, as two former sidekicks of Captain America. But they are somewhat surprised to be bonding over being born with a different biological sex than the one most people associate them with
2009. Marvel Comics, Sam Wilson (The Falcon), It was hard enough getting his neighborhood to accept Captain America as his crimefighting partner. How does 1970s Harlem react when their favorite social worker/superhero starts *dating* someone who is so male, and so white? ,
2010. Marvel Comics, Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes, Sam teaches James current attitudes towards same sex relationships.
2011. Marvel Comics, Scott/Logan, Scott's bisexuality has always been mostly theoretical, so he's never felt the need to be out. Now that he's dating a man, how does he negotiate public openness of that relationship and his sexuality in his position as the leader of the mutant race?
2012. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, He's not going to let a little thing like a female body get in the way of serving his country.
2013. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, love, politics and duty as a bisexual man in the Depression, the War and 21st Century.
2014. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, The super soldier serum turned Stephine Rogers into the man he always felt he was, but how will he deal with any set of Avengers finding out about his past
2015. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, two bisexual men dealing with being strictly platonic best friends in a world full of nosy and well meaning Avengers trying to hook them up simply because they share an orientation. claimed by settiai
2016. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Discovering Steve's identity as Captain America wasn't the only thing Bucky found out about his partner by barging into Steve's tent unannounced.
2017. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Bucky is comfortable keeping their relationship a secret, just like they did during the War. But Steve increasingly wants to come out and lend Captain America's support of the struggles (Prop 8, etc.) that he sees. How do they reconcile their views while still keeping their relationship together? claimed by zarabithia
2018. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, Clint is sure that stodgy old freshly thawed from the 40s Steve Rogers can't understand the concept of loving a man and takes great delight in teasing Steve and putting him in what Clint thinks would be uncomfortable situations through overt sexual innuendos. When Steve returns the teasing with flirtations of his own Clint is forced to try to reconcile what he has always viewed as his straight sexuality with the incessant need to know more about Steve Rogers' sex life.
2019. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Steve has always maintained that his sexual orientation -- and his relationship with Tony -- is a private matter. But with so many states passing laws against gay rights, he decides he's morally obligated to go public. Tony's not so sure it's a good idea.
2020. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, being gay in the military was completely illegal in Steve's time. He's still adjusting to the present day.
2021. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, actually it's Tony who has the problem with accepting that he might be attracted towards men - not Steve.
2022. Marvel Comics, Steve/Tony, coming out to the public about being bisexual and with each other, and fighting for gay marriage.
2023. Marvel Comics, Teddy Altman and Karolina Dean, The two bond over being blond teenage gay parentless aliens. Karolina may make allusions to Xavin's gender-shifting in relation to Teddy.
2024. Marvel Comics, Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, Teddy has to take on the form of a girl for a mission. He finds himself enjoying and preferring that form and begins to question what that means for his relationship with his boyfriend who self-identifies as gay.
2025. Marvel Comics, Teddy Altman/Kate Bishop, His friends are all very supportive of his relationship when it was a clearly defined homosexual relationship with Billy. When Billy and Teddy break up and Teddy starts dating Kate his friends aren't as sure what to think. They're even less sure what to think when Teddy keeps correcting people who assume straightness.
2026. Marvel Comics, the Hulk, We've had the Grey Hulk, Red Hulk, Green Hulk, Professor, etc. What happens when Bruce's female side makes an appearance?
2027. Marvel Comics, the Hulk, What happens when Bruce and the Hulk have different sexualities?
2028. Marvel Comics, Tony Stark (Iron Man)/Steve Rogers (Captain America), What happens when the American people find out an American icon is having a homosexual affair?
2029. Marvel Comics, Warren Worthington III, Warren isn't sure which would disappoint the Worthington family dynasty more -- the fact that he has wings, or the fact that he's attracted to men.
2030. Marvel Comics, Xavin, Xavin wishes hir teammates would accept that ze isn't a girl *or* a guy.
2031. Marvel comics (Avengers and SHIELD), Bucky Barnes/Nick Fury, Old secrets resurface in a supposedly more enlightened era.
2032. Marvel Comics (Cable & Deadpool), Cable/Deadpool, Wade has always known that he's bisexual, but he repressed it because of his strict upbringing. Now that he's on Providence, he's learning that the stereotypes drilled into his head were wrong, and he's finally coming to terms with his sexuality
2033. Marvel Comics (Captain America), Steve Rogers, As a soldier in the US Army, Steve Rogers has to keep his sexual orientation secret. But as Captain America, he's supposed to oppose everything the Nazis stand for, and the Nazis are putting homosexuals into concentration camps. How can a soldier in the 1940s reconcile his duty and his principles? Claimed by sparklybee
2034. Marvel Comics (Captain America), Steve Rogers, During the War, fighting for his country was more important than his sexuality. After Steve defrosts, his priorities--and duties--are different. claimed by harmonyangel
2035. Marvel Comics (Daredevil), Matt Murdock, Matt has to find a balance between being homosexual and being Catholic
2036. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Bucky/Toro, In response to rumors about their sexuality that have surfaced again and that are being denied, again, by politicians and the military, Toro asks Bucky if he can out them both as homosexual historical figures so long as he doesn't out Bucky as being alive again (Toro's resurrection is more or less known in canon, or logically should be). claimed by quipquipquip
2037. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Bucky/Toro, The military has just made homosexuality illegal and Toro and Bucky have to decide if their relationship is worth the risk to Private James Barns.
2038. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Jim Hammond (Human Torch I)tries to come to terms with his asexuality in a world that seems primarily motivated by sex, and tries to decide if he thinks it's a flaw in his design, or simply who he is.
2039. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Namor the Sub-Mariner/Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch), Namor's the half-breed heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. Jim is an android. How do they understand their relationship and how do they explain it to those around them?
2040. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Steve/Bucky, A kiss between Steve and Bucky, as Steve rescues Bucky from yet another death trap, is photographed by the Germans and leaked. The military want to claim it as a manipulation and look for a woman Cap could have kissed. Neither Steve nor Bucky are happy with this solution but neither can deny the damage the photo will do if confirmed.
2041. Marvel Comics (Invaders), Toro Raymond, It's 1959 and Toro is at Bucky's grave trying to explain why he's choosing to get married. Alternate take would be explaining why he did get married to a living Bucky in the future.
2042. Marvel Comics (Iron Fist), Danny Rand, K'un Lun has different ideas about homosexuality than the outside world
2043. Marvel Comics (Iron Man), Tony Stark, Tony has transitioned to Natasha, now she has to decide if Iron Man will become Iron Woman, and if she should unmask.
2044. Marvel Comics (Runaways), any character, Karolina's not the only one with a secret crush.
2045. Marvel Comics (Runaways), Xavin, Another character is jealous of Xavin's ability to change hir sex at will.
2046. Marvel Comics (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos), Nick Fury, Nick assumes that the whole 'don't have sex with other guys' thing is just another silly army regulation that doesn't apply to him or anyone under his command.
2047. Marvel Comics (Ultimate Spider-man), Jessica Drew/MJ Watson, Jessica is settling into a normal life for the first time, but has a hard time dealing with the feelings for MJ she has thanks to Peter's memories. MJ is secretly attracted to Jessica as well, but is worried she'd just be using her as a surrogate for Peter.
2048. Marvel Comics (Ultimate Spider-Man), MJ Watson/Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker, They've finally figured out a relationship that works for all three of them, but the Parker household is a busy fishbowl. What do they think about coming out as a triad to May, Johnny, Bobby and Kitty
2049. Marvel Comics (Ultimates), Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Pietro was born Petra. His sister, Wanda, is one of the few who knows - and the only to wholeheartedly accept - that Pietro is FTM trans, and that's how he wants it to stay, until an enemy (possibly Magneto?) reveals Pietro's secret to the team. How does Pietro feel about being outed, especially since he is an intensely private person
2050. Marvel Comics (X-Factor), Rictor/Shatterstar, Rictor grew up surrounded by homophobia, Shatterstar grew up surrounded by asexuality, and now that they've fallen in love with each other - and realized it - they need to figure out how to handle it.
2051. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Anole & Greymalkin, Just because they're both gay doesn't mean they're attracted to each other.
2052. Marvel Comics (X-Men), any, a character takes the X-Men's move to San Francisco as an opportunity to come out of the closet.
2053. Marvel Comics (X-Men), author's choice of character, It's tough being a mutant. It's even tougher being the only gay (or lesbian) mutant you know.
2054. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Bobby Drake, Bobby doesn't know how to handle the fact that Mystique's ability to turn into a guy was the best part of their short-lived 'relationship'.
2055. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Cable, How does Cable, a mutant from a future where being bisexual is openly accepted, deal with living in the late 20th century and its less tolerant views towards his bisexuality?
2056. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Charles Xavier, how the hell does a bio-man have an identical twin sister anyway? Charles is confronted by Hank McCoy, who wants to know why Charles' genetics are identical to Cassandra Nova's and yet Hank's mind keeps thinking that Charles' genescan says he's male, and Charles has to own up to what he's done... not just that he was born a girl, but that he's been altering *everyone's* mind around him, his whole life, to make them see him as male, including on genetic scans. Can he even control it anymore? How does doing such a thing square away with his ethical beliefs about abusing telepathy? Or is it an abuse of telepathy at all to make others see yourself as you feel you truly are? claimed by alara_r
2057. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Gambit & Iceman or Gambit/Iceman, 'Just because I'm bi, Bobby, doesn't mean I'm a slut.'
2058. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Hank McCoy, Hank has studied enough of both medicine and classical literature to believe that everyone is at least a little bisexual. But now it's more than theoretical.
2059. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Hank McCoy/Abigail Brand, Seeing as his girlfriend is half-alien, Hank really should have known she would have a very different perspective on his bisexuality.
2060. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Illyana Rasputin, It's unfair that Kitty's *her* soulmate--quite literally-and yet her best friend never notices how Illyana looks at her because Kitty's fixated on Illyana's brother.
2061. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Irene Adler (Destiny), teenage Irene first figured out she was a lesbian (in a time and place that barely recognized such a thing could exist) when she saw that her future involved running off with a woman and becoming her lover. How does coming to terms with one's sexual identity work when you know who you are going to love for the rest of your life before you've actually realized you're gay, or met that person yet?
2062. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Irene Adler (Destiny), Mystique wants a child and hasn't been able to impregnate Irene, so she's planning to have sex with men in order to get pregnant. How does Irene feel about that? Is she jealous, upset that she can't give Mystique what she wants, calm because she knows how it will work out in the end, or trying to pretend to be calm but actually being upset or jealous? (If you consider how badly Mystique's two kids turned out for her -- one a human who grew up to be a raving bigot and one a child she had to abandon -- it lends credence to the thought of Irene being jealous and furious with Mystique enough not to give her any of the appropriate warnings she should have.)
2063. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Irene Adler/Destiny and Raven Darkholme/Mystique, pastfic when Irene was much younger. Raven may be comfortable changing genders, but has never heard anything but bile directed at those who make love to their own sex. Irene has been waiting for the time she foresaw that Raven would be ready to accept the truth...that Irene does not need her to take a male form in order to love her, and in fact would prefer to make love to her true, female form.
2064. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Jamie Madrox, Jamie is used to downplaying the same-sex attraction some of his dupes display, even though the dupes are based off of his own personality. How will he deal with his bisexuality when he (Jamie prime) finds himself attracted to another man?
2065. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Jamie Madrox, during his search for his rogue duplicates, he comes across an openly gay/transgender duplicate.
2066. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Jubilee and Wolverine, Jubilee is questioning her sexuality or identity, and confides in Logan, who tells her a story from his past
2067. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Jubilee and Wolverine, Jubilee is questioning her sexuality or identity, and confides in Logan, who tells her a story from his past
2068. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Karma, How does Shan cope with being the only adult lesbian on Utopia?
2069. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Karma, Shan is comfortable being out and a teacher. How does she handle it when a female student develops a crush on her?
2070. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Karma, Shan would really like to break this bad habit of falling for straight women.
2071. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Kitty Pryde/Piotr Rasputin, Piotr missed out on a lot when he was dead, how does he react when he realizes that Kitty dated both Rachel Grey and Xi'an before she found him?
2072. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Mystique, Nightcrawler was originally intended to be the child of Destiny and Mystique- show us an AU in which this is so.
2073. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Northstar, Jean-Paul never wanted to be a role model. Why do people keep trying to shove him into that role?
2074. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Northstar + another character, Northstar is openly gay, but he knows another mutant/other mutants who are closeted. He talks with one of these character (your choice, any gender) in a non-shippy way, about his choice to be out.
2075. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Northstar/Iceman (Jean-Paul Beaubiear/Bobby Drake). Jean-Paul's never made a secret of his attraction to Bobby, but he says it will never work because Bobby is straight. What if it turns out he's wrong about the last part?
2076. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Proteus, part of the reason why Proteus hated his mother so was because she never let him be a her.
2077. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Raven Darkholme (Mystique)/Irene Adler (Destiny). Rogue was raised in the Bible Belt. She just figured out that her momma and Destiny are *lovers*, not just good friends. How do Raven and Irene deal with this? Do they overreact, assuming Rogue will reject them, when in fact she doesn't care? Is Rogue deeply upset and they're worried that Irene's visions of Rogue running away from home will come to pass right now? ,
2078. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Rictor, As a former student of the original X-Factor and a bisexual man, how does Ric feel about Beast's 'I'm gay' social experiment from a few years ago?
2079. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Rogue, the memories she's absorbed lead her to becoming transgender.
2080. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Shatterstar, How are same-sex relationships treated on Mojoworld? claimed by wordyfish
2081. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Storm, Given her relationships with Forge and now Black Panther, people tend to assume that Ororo's time with Yukio was just an experimental fling. To her, it was a lot more than that.
2082. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Victor Borkowski (Anole), how hard is dating when you are green and scaly and gay?
2083. Marvel Comics (X-Men), Wolverine, the experience of being bisexual in one of the earlier eras of his 100+ year lifespan.
2084. Marvel Comics (Young Avengers), Billy/Teddy, Original editorial plan was for Teddy to be a girl pretending to be a boy. If she had been, how would Billy have dealt with it?
2085. Marvel Comics (Young Avengers), Cassie/Vision, Teddy isn't the only shapeshifter on the team. Vision originally stuck to male bodies because Vision 1.0 had gendered male, then because s/he thought it was what Cassie wanted. But Cassie is realizing she doesn't, and Vision is realizing that gender is more complicated than simple binary.
2086. Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins, Mary is LGBT; how does that affect her life, and how do the children and/or parents deal with this discovery?
2087. Mass Effect, any Asari character, human beings and other multi-gendered races refer to the Asari are 'all female'. The Asari themselves, however, insist that they are neither male nor female. Some Asari are getting tired of having a gender identity enforced on them by other races.
2088. Mass Effect, any asari/female pairing, When your species is monogendered, human notions of sexuality can be confusing. Especially when your partner keeps trying to convince herself she's completely straight because 'aliens don't count.'
2089. Mass Effect, male Shepard, Shepard's been infatuated with an uninterested Alenko since meeting him. As a result, in the heat of the moment, he chooses to save Alenko instead of Williams on Virmire for no other reason, and has to live with letting his (non-reciprocated, on top of everything) personal feelings influence his command judgment.
2090. Mass Effect, Miranda Lawson, When a mission requires Miranda to flirt with another woman, most of the crew assumes she's just doing what she has to do for the mission to succeed. They're half right. She's not attracted to that woman, but she is bisexual. claimed by jtav
2091. Mass Effect, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, The quarians are suffering their worst population decline in centuries. How does Tali reconcile what she perceives as her duty to the fleet and her attraction to women?
2092. Matilda, Jenny Honey, Miss Honey always promised herself that when she was free from Aunt Trunchbull, she'd find herself a nice woman and settle down. Or at least start dating. Or at least go out to a bar once in awhile. But now she finds herself the mother of a six-year-old. Are her dreams still possible?
2093. Matilda (book or movie), Agatha Trunchbull, Years and years later, she realizes that being a closeted lesbian may have be hard, but it is *not an excuse.* She tries to make amends.
2094. Maurice, Alec Scudder, he can't quite stop trying to think of one of them as the wife, for all Maurice's talk of friends.
2095. Mean Girls, Regina George, Regina George, making amends, playing some lacrosse, having some therapy and coming to terms with the fact that she maybe is really kinda gay claimed by duckgirlie
2096. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Miriamele/Aditu, Miriamele is fascinated by Aditu's lack of modesty and the way she dresses, although she loves Simon dearly, her attraction to Aditu is only getting stronger. Can Miriamele find it in herself to let go of her inhibitions enough to bring Aditu into their marriage
2097. Mendol, Ray/Kawachi Nami, Ray had no problems accepting that Kai was actually a woman. Had she previously realized that she wasn't entirely straight?
2098. Mendol, Ray/Kawachi Nami, Nami has to struggle with her own homophobia in order to be with Ray.
2099. Mendol, Saeko, Saeko adjusts to life as a woman.
2100. Mercy Thompson series (books), any female character, A lesbian werewolf has different problems than gay werewolves in the patriarchy that defines the pack. A bisexual female has a whole ‘nother set, as well.
2101. Mercy Thompson series (books), Warren, Being a gay werewolf through the decades has posed different challenges—and left different types of scars and thought patterns to sort through. It hasn't all been bad, though.
2102. Merlin, any female character, nobody in Camelot seems to mind if fall in love with another woman, provided that eventually you get married and have kids. How long is it possible to put off 'eventually'? claimed by netgirl_y2k
2103. Merlin, Arthur (Arthur/Merlin optional), Uther knows that Arthur is interested in men, and accepts it as long as Arthur is willing to keep it a secret and get married. But for Arthur, the issue isn't whether he can live by these terms but whether he's okay with receiving such conditional acceptance from his father
2104. Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, 'You're gay? But you're a guy's guy!' Somehow, it's harder coming out to new people when you don't look stereotypically gay.
claimed by emeraldsword
2105. Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, being gay and in the closet means his desires take him to seedier places each time.
2106. Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, coming out.
2107. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin is MtF and starts using magic to 'fix' his body. Arthur starts noticing that Merlin is starting to look different, and confronts him about it.
2108. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU; Arthur thinks homosexuality is private, Merlin is politically gay. How does that affect their relationship?
2109. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, In Camelot, Arthur is basically in the military. How does he reconcile his sexuality with such a masculine environment?
2110. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen, Arthur and Merlin are in a relationship prior to his marriage to Gwen, and it continues during the marriage, with Gwen’s knowledge and consent.
2111. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, there's nothing going on between them, there can't possibly ever be, they both know that, so why does Merlin keep spending nights in Arthur's bed anyway? claimed by lycoris
2112. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin hadn't considered that he might fall in love with another man, but when he thinks about it, what makes his growing fondness for Arthur any different from love
2113. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU. Arthur and Merlin's civil partnership.
2114. Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Gwen, Camelot needs a King and Queen, not a King and King and Queen. What do they have to deal with, being an essentially closeted royal family?
2115. Merlin, ensemble, Merlin hides being magic. Arthur hides being bi. Gwen hides dissatisfaction with gender. Morgana manages to figure it all out.
2116. Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, Station places considerable constraint on what people can do, but love doesn't care
2117. Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen's already complex love life gets even trickier when she realizes she's in love with Morgana.
2118. Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, Morgana doesn't care what people think about her or her relationship with Gwen. Gwen wishes she could be as brave.
2119. Merlin, Merlin, He is already different because he's magic. How does he begin to navigate being lgbt?
2120. Merlin, Merlin and/or Will, growing up in Ealdor attracted to men and how the town discusses/deals with/acknowledges this (or doesn't).
2121. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, AU: Uther Pendragon is the head preacher at Camelot Ministries -- the American-style anti-LGBT mega-church that has become popular in Britain. Arthur knows that he's expected to marry Gwen and take over from his father one day -- but when Merlin Emerys is assigned to work as his clerical assistant, Arthur is forced to confront the fact that he is gay claimed by cat_77
2122. Merlin, Morgana, leaving Camelot is liberating in more ways than one
2123. Merlin, Morgana, She doesn't understand why she is so drawn to Gwen. She decides to figure it out through research.
2124. Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, what do the ladies do when Arthur or Merlin guess the nature of their relationship?
2125. Merlin, Morgana/Morgause, after they escape Camelot, they fall in love and Morgana’s magical powers increase as a result of her developing awareness of herself as a woman who loves other women; Morgause teaches her sexually and magically
2126. Merlin, Uther, Just because he's outlawed magic doesn't mean Uther doesn't dabble from time to time. Same goes for sex with men.
2127. Modern Family, Alex Dunphy, when Alex starts to suspect that she's a lesbian, she turns to her two gay uncles for advice. Unfortunately (or hilariously), their advice doesn't exactly match up with her own experience.
2128. Modern Family, Alex Dunphy, there's more to her dislike of girly things than everyone thinks.
2129. Modern Family, Alex Dunphy, Alex is smart, but there's something she doesn't understand: why should she be attracted to boys or girls? What if she's attracted to anyone?
2130. Modern Family, Cameron, He can accept the absence of his parents in his life, but Lily deserves to have grandparents.
2131. Modern Family, Claire Dunphy, Claire has always wanted to be honest with her family, but then Mitchell came out and she met Phil and it didn't seem to really matter that she identified as bi.
2132. Modern Family, Gloria, She was perfectly happy to answer Alex's question about how many men she'd had sex with, and she rolls her eyes at her husband's homophobia, so why did she refuse to answer when Alex asked if she'd ever kissed a girl? (Bonus points if Alex asked because she herself likes girls.),
2133. Modern Family, Lily and her parents, Lily's grown up knowing how much her fathers look forward to both walking her down the aisle, but she's starting to think none of them will ever have that opportunity. How do she and her fathers deal with this possibility?
2134. Modern Family, Manny, Manny has always been a ladies' man, but despite his gay uncles, he finds it hard to admit he's interested in boys, too
2135. Modern Family, Mitchell & Cameron, how Mitchell and Cameron decided to adopt.
2136. Modern Family, Mitchell Pritchett, the day he came out.
2137. Modern Family, Mitchell Pritchett, the day Mitchell introduced Cameron to Jay.
2138. Modern Family, Mitchell Pritchett, the day Mitchell introduced Cameron to Claire, Phil and the children.
2139. Modern Family, Mitchell Pritchett, Sure Claire and Phil accept his relationship with Cameron, but why does he feel like it would be different if one of their kids *were* gay.
2140. Modern Family, Mitchell/Cameron, the Pritchett clan is surprised when they meet Cameron for the first time; they always figured Mitchell would bring home someone more stereotypically butch than he was.
2141. Modern Family, the Pritchett-Tuckers, Lily is FtM and Cameron and Mitchell blame themselves because Lily didn't have a mother (whether this is Lily as a small child insisting he's a boy or as a teen/adult coming out to his parents is up to you)
2142. Modesty Blaise (books), Modesty/Maude, Modesty has watched Willie trying to get together with Maude for a while, when Modesty and Maude connect, Modesty needs to explain things Willie, starting with her own bi-sexuality.
2143. Modesty Blaise (books), Tarrant/Fraser, Tarrant is being blackmailed over his relationship with Fraser and needs Modesty's help.
2144. Mulan (Disney), Fa Mulan, She wore the armor for honor and family, but along the way, it started feeling more right than anything ever had
2145. Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, his feelings towards Ping before he knew Mulan was under the armor lead him to realize he's bisexual.
2146. Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, Mulan's a wonderful woman, and he's happy to be married to her. He just found Mulan much more attractive as the male soldier Ping
2147. Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, the moment he saw Ping's womanly figure, he felt disappointment: not that his best soldier was a woman, but because she wasn't the man he'd grown to love.
2148. Mulan (Disney), Shang, 'Can I still call you Ping, sometimes?' claimed by silver11016
2149. My Beautiful Laundrette, Johnny/Omar, at school Johnny had seemed the most self assured of the two, what happened to make him run from Omar and the identity he had begun to accept
2150. My Brother... Nikhil, Nigel de Costa, caring for your partner through an illness that forces both of you out of the closet.
2151. My Fair Lady, Higgins/Pickering, 'Why can't a woman be more like a man?'
2152. My Name Is Earl, Kenny and Stuart, Being an established gay couple in Camden County.
2153. Mystery Solving Teens (Kate Beaton), Both, They're partners in *everything*.
2154. Nancy Drew (pre-1980s version), Nancy, Nancy assumes George will be understanding when Nancy decides to come out.
2155. Nanny McPhee, Mr. Jowls/Mr. Wheen, Two confirmed bachelors or something more?
2156. Nathan Barley, any characters, Dan's article on 'straying' causes someone to see that they've been in denial.
2157. Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones, Dan's parents are coming to London and still think Jones is just his flatmate. Dan is reluctant to correct them. Jones is not necessarily pleased.
2158. Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones, The incident with the builder and subsequent article force Dan to come to terms with his own sexuality. It’s a topic that has plagued him for most of his life, and he has continually repressed with alcohol and general cynicism. He decides to finally confide his confusion in Jones, who has always been open about his own bisexuality. Could potentially lead to them questioning the true nature of their current relationship, or simply be written as Jones acting as a mentor of sorts. claimed by thirstyrobot
2159. Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones, When Nathan catches wind of Dan’s relationship with Jones, he mistakes homosexuality as the newest “trend”. Dan is forced to deal with him, as this is one thing he refuses to have him make a mockery of.
2160. Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones or gen, In which Jones is trans and has to deal with Dan not dealing with it very well (or apparently dealing with it fine but really not getting it).
2161. National Treasure, Abigail Chase, It's flattering when a man as handsome as Benjamin Frankling Gates makes a pass at you, but how do you tell him that you have a girlfriend?
2162. National Treasure, Ben/Riley, Ben and Riley have always had a thing on the side, neither being good at getting/keeping girlfriends, but it's only after Ben meets Abigail, his complete intellectual match, that he realizes she's missing what he really wants in a partner - and figures out what/who he *does* want.
2163. National Treasure, Patrick Gates or Emily Appleton, How do you tell your son that you're bisexual? claimed by ever_obsessed
2164. National Treasure, Riley Poole, At first, he'd become Ben's friend because of his talk of treasure. He'd stayed Ben's friend for an entirely different reason. How do you tell your best friend that you're attracted to them?
2165. NCIS, Abby, After becoming openly involved in the local gay scene, Abby mysteriously loses her job on a flimsy pretext. Can her friends help her prove that she was fired because of her sexual orientation and get her back on the team?
2166. NCIS, Abby Sciuto, she isn't self-concious about being goth, but somehow being queer is a whole different story.
2167. NCIS, Abby Sciuto, she isn't self-concious about being goth, but somehow being queer is a whole different story.
2168. NCIS, Abby Sciuto, people always seem to assume she's not straight/into alternative sexualities just because she looks different. Just because one or both of these things are true doesn't make the assumption any less stupid or annoying.
2169. NCIS, Abby Sciuto(/ or +)Ziva David, Ziva never really denied her sexuality, but she never allowed herself much of an outlet for it, either. Now that she's in D.C Abby takes it upon herself to show Ziva the community she's been missing out on
2170. NCIS, Abby Sciuto/Jethro Gibbs, Abby is asexual and heteroromantic, and the only man who's ever gotten that is Gibbs.
2171. NCIS, Abby Sciuto/Jethro Gibbs, Abby is asexual and heteroromantic, and the only man who's ever gotten that is Gibbs.
2172. NCIS, Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo/Tim McGee, falling into a threesome was easy . . . figuring out a stable triad (with people you work with!) is harder, but worth the effort.
2173. NCIS, Abby Scuito, Getting your plumbing turned outside-in. It's so [...] Way beyond hinky. It's, uh...' [From 1.19, 'Dead Man Talking'.] The lady doth protest too much. Abby is trans.
2174. NCIS, Abby Scuito/Timothy McGee/Male, When Tony finds out that Abby and Tim are in a polyamorous relationship he can't contain himself and tells the team. What he didn't know is that the third person is a man and Tim is now obliged to deal with the consequences of being outed at work.
2175. NCIS, Abby/Ziva, Abby's never revealed that she's had relationships with women, but she has. Ziva's hinted that she has, but no one's ever been sure if her hints were jokes or truth. What happens when Abby makes it a point to find out?
2176. NCIS, Abby/Ziva, Abby's never revealed that she's had relationships with women, but she has. Ziva's hinted that she has, but no one's ever been sure if her hints were jokes or truth. What happens when Abby makes it a point to find out?
2177. NCIS, Anthony DiNozzo, Tony's been circling Gibbs for a while. Now he's wondering why it never occured to him that it might be more than just hero worship. claimed by shrift
2178. NCIS, Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, Tony was pretending to be a woman to chat Tim up online. He wasn't completely honest when he told Ziva it was a prank (Tony is gay/bi/trans).
2179. NCIS, Gibbs, We've seen Gibbs treat homosexual people respect on the show, but he's not been *quite* as respectful of trans people. Why is one more uncomfortable for him to deal with than the other?
2180. NCIS, Gibbs' ex, We've seen Shannon, Stephanie and Diane. Gibbs' final ex-wife shows up - as a man. He is unexpectedly relieved when 'her' ex-husband is supportive.
2181. NCIS, Gibbs/Fornell, Everybody knows they have a love/hate relationship. Everybody doesn't know it occasionally involves sex. When Fornell decides he wants to come out, Gibbs is shocked. He thought it was just stress relief.
2182. NCIS, Gibbs/Mystery Redhead/Tony, When Gibbs is injured during an investigation, his mysterious redheaded ladyfriend rushes to his hospital bedside, and the team is surprised to find that she is now a he (FtM). In the days afterward, a permanently sidelined Gibbs finds himself pouring his heart out to his shocked protege, now successor, Tony.
2183. NCIS, Gibbs/Tony, We've seen Gibbs treat homosexual people respect on the show. He's got a live and let live attitude. But when it comes to himself, he has problems coming to terms with his male subordinate.
2184. NCIS, Jethro Gibbs, Gibbs doesn't feel a need to out sailors and Marines to the wrath of DADT, but is he ready to out himself?
2185. NCIS, Jimmy Palmer, After Agent Lee is killed after being discovered as the mole, Jimmy goes the cliche route of swearing off women. He also goes the non-cliche route of drowning his sorrows in gay clubs, where he surprisingly gets hit on quite a lot - which makes him think.
2186. NCIS, Kate, Kate was not quite a good Catholic girl; at least not the times she had sex with other women. claimed by calleigh_j
2187. NCIS, Kate Todd, Kate's crack about a 'shemale' in 'Dead Man Talking' (episode 1.19) is due to her conflicted feelings about her own gender.
2188. NCIS, Nikki Jardine, It's bad enough being germ-phobic and a person of color in NCIS, she'd rather keep her sexual orientation private.
2189. NCIS, Sarah McGee, Sarah and Tim have always been close, and they have a lot in common. Liking role-playing games, mystery novels - and being bi. But Sarah doesn't like that she feels she has to hide that side of her around Tim's friends - and she certainly doesn't like that Tim hides.
2190. NCIS, Sarah McGee and team Gibbs, Sarah gets gay-bashed for dating a female Marine.
2191. NCIS, team Gibbs, Tim's made one of the characters in his books - where all of the characters are based on his teammates - gay/bi/trans. The fallout and the reasons why.
2192. NCIS, Tony, In the episode Dead Man Talking, Tony was clearly upset about having kissed a MtF transexual. But it wasn't because Amanda Redd used to be a guy, it was because she murdered a good friend of his. Of course, playing up that he hated kissed a guy is good cover in a psuedo-military organization, too
2193. NCIS, Tony, Tony's always been free with sharing details about his hookups. People have often said he's overcompensating or covering for something. He wasn't - until he turned down Rome because of his feelings for Gibbs, and not his feelings for Jeanne
2194. NCIS, Tony, Tony is FtM. Tony has always hated being laid up in the hospital. It's because it always reminds him how alone he was when he was undergoing his transition surgery - and how alone he feels he would be if any of the team found out.
2195. NCIS, Tony Dinozzo, Why exactly does Fornel call Tony 'Dinotso'? Well, maybe it has to do with the fact that Tony didn't grow up Anthony, but Antonia.
2196. NCIS, Tony DiNozzo, Normally Tony's comfortable with his sexuality, but being trapped at sea for four months with a crew made up mostly of men makes things more difficult
2197. NCIS, Tony DiNozzo, Tony deals with the fallout from his team mates discovering the real reason his father disinherited him was actually because of his sexuality.
2198. NCIS, Tony DiNozzo/Tim McGee, They decided violating Gibbs' Rule #12 - Never Date a Co-Worker - was worth the risk. Is there a reason for them to let Gibbs in on the secret when Washington DC allows gay couples to marry?
2199. NCIS, Tony DiNozzo/Tim McGee, Both of them know what the inside of a closet looks like, but Tony's played outside. When they start dating, does Tim think he's missing out on something?
2200. NCIS, Tony/Jeanne, Jeanne was MtF, which made Tony realize some things about himself
2201. NCIS, Tony/Tim, Tony pretended to be Claire and flirt with McGee, and spent days teasing him about being gay because he is really twelve and McGee has no pigtails to pull
2202. NCIS,Tony DiNozzo ,"keeping the secret of being gay while working for NCIS isn't easy, but being gay and submissive was guaranteed to get out eventually."
2203. NCIS,Tony DiNozzo & Jethro Gibbs,"There's a reason why three of his marriages failed and one didn't: Shannon knew he was bisexual, but he's hidden it ever since her death. When DADT is repealed, Jethro tries to decide whether it's time to come out", especially as Tony has
2204. NCIS Los Angeles, G Callen, G has a hard time coming out as bisexual, even to his best friend Sam
2205. NCIS Los Angeles, Sam Hanna, It's not easy to stay in the closet when you start working with trained investigators. claimed by arsenicjade
2206. NCIS Los Angeles, Sam/G, Sam - a closeted gay man for most of his life - thinks G should take more of an interest in LGBT rights, now that he's officially not straight anymore. G doesn't get why Sam thinks that's such a big deal. Sam is prepared to explain
2207. NCIS: LA, G is Ace and has to deal with everyone else trying to find him the 'right' guy or girl.
2208. Newsies, David Jacobs, Discovering the gay subculture of turn-of-the-century New York City, and coming to terms with his place in it
2209. Newsies, Sarah Jacobs, Les isn't the only Jacobs kid who wants to be Jack (Sarah is FTM trans)
2210. Newsies, Spot Conlon/Racetrack Higgins, I wanna hold your hand
2211. Nine (movie or stage musical), Claudia, Only Lilli knows that Claudia was born Claude, but Lilli is such a clever costumer that no one else knows. Claudia wants to tell Guido that she is tired of being his unapproachable muse, that she wants him to write a movie where she is more than an icon. How much is she really willing to tell him?
2212. Nine (movie), Luisa, Luisa understands exactly what Guido sees in Carla. She sees it too, and is shocked that she wants it for herself. Coming to grips with bisexuality in the Mod 60s
2213. Noir, Chloe, Althena had told her it was wrong to love another woman, but Chloe has a hard time pretending she wasn't in love with Kirika
2214. Noir, Chloe/Kirika, 'I would love you even if you were someone else entirely.'
2215. Noir, Kirika, Kirika researches lesbian culture, finding a new world she knew nothing about but at the same time realized she's part of,
2216. Noir, Kirika, The Soldats have taught Kirika everything there is to know about death, but nothing about life, including what it means for Kirika to love another woman
2217. Noir, Kirika, Kirika attends her first Pride and finds out what the big deal is all about
2218. Noir, Mireille and Kirika, 'I don't think Altena felt the need to train you in this.'
2219. Noir, Mireille and Kirika, UST set in the first part of the series. Mireille questioning.
2220. Noir, Mireille Bouquet, It's not that she's ashamed of being a lesbian; Mireille has a hard time trusting anyone with *anything* personal.
2221. Noir, Mireille/Kirika, Kirika wonders why Mireille's neighbors spend so much time glaring at them and whispering to each other when the two women went out together.
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